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Typology: Concept Store

Project Area: 1360 square meters

Service: Interior design project, Brand Identity creation

Inside an industrial recovery building, a commercial space has been planned and developed on two floors with the precise intention to create a concept store and an area able to let the customer live an exploring and enjoyable purchasing experience through a plurality of artistic suggestions and fascinations.
Sale points are corners or volumes that run along this area sectioning the space with vertical walls and movable partitions, in order to draw customers deeper into the stores. The act of purchase has been interposed by artistic installations and bar&restaurant areas for fulfilling a proper relaxing feeling during each customer’s shopping phase. For this reason Four Dimensions considered the creation of a bar&restaurant area not only characterized by a refreshment purpose for lunch time, but also symbol of meeting and friendship where people are surrounded by a glamour atmosphere, and a Lounge Bar convertible into a business meetings&conference room. Each service area, such as stairs and aisles, can be configured as esthetical showcases transformed into exhibition itineraries for temporary expositions, advertisements and further purchasing opportunities